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Poison ... blackberries?

September is synonymous with blackberry picking, and I've done plenty of that this month. Foraging for free food out in countryside, it doesn't get better than that for me. Unfortunately I never remember a pot so the only vessel available has been my stomach. Hmmm. But now the witching hour is nearly here, as the story goes you shouldn't pick blackberries after Michaelmas Day (29th September). Apparently the devil was expelled from heaven on this day and, as if he wasn't in a bad enough temper already, he went and fell in a bramble bush. He was so cross that he spat on the blackberries, and every year the devil's spit reappears on Michaelmas day (www.the Or it could just be a case of eyes bigger than stomach.

Spooky sweets and toffee apples will be more the thing before we know it, and there's plenty afoot in Norfolk! Here's a small sample of the amazing activities and places to visit:


Red House Farm Bed & Breakfast
Tivetshall St Margaret
NR15 2DJ

Contact: Lucy Popp
Telephone: 01379 676 566
Mobile: 07719 437 007

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