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I don't know about you, but I like to have a plan. So when some recent guests asked me at breakfast on Sunday morning, "Do you have any ideas of what we should do today?" I have to confess I got a bit twitchy on their behalf. While I was trying to work out an itinerary which involved a 60-mile round trip taking in culture, sea and fine dining, my husband escorted them to the ordinance survey map and showed them our village church. Though slightly irritated, I conceded that it would be nice for them to see the Elizabethan tympanum made famous by David Dimbleby - but what else would they do? At breakfast the following day, they reported how they had attended a service in our idyllic church, been entertained to coffee by the other churchgoers, and met a children's author who gave them a personal tour of his house - one of the oldest and prettiest in the village, dating back to the 16th century. Hmph.

If you prefer to make a plan before you come and stay, visit our Location page to see some of the highlights in the area.

The church of Tivetshall St. Margaret has a tympanum painted with the Royal Arms of Elizabeth I, some of the earliest in England, dating from 1587. The huge arms, which stretch across the church, from wall to wall and from the top of the roodscreen to the roof, are flanked by the lion and the dragon. Beneath is painted "God Save Our Quene Elizabeth". The design includes the symbols of the other four Tudor monarchs, as well as the badge of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth's own mother. Source: Wikipedia

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