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White, one sugar?

Running a b&b you need to be sensitive to all tastes - particularly when it comes to tea. When it gets to the point that I'm asked to "just show the teabag to the water", I invite the guest to the Aga to make their own. It's the same with chatting. At its peak, my kitchen has been known to resemble a set for Oprah, when my guests and I can happily put the whole world to rights. But it is also a safe haven for those who prefer to ponder the day ahead whilst enjoying a full-cooked and sipping … their tea.

See the Visit Norfolk page to find what suits your taste, there really is something for everyone. And if you are a genuine tea connoisseur, then you can visit Whittard Of Chelsea Norwich

Red House Farm Bed & Breakfast
Tivetshall St Margaret
NR15 2DJ

Contact: Lucy Popp
Telephone: 01379 676 566
Mobile: 07719 437 007

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