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The Farmhouse garden
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When my husband, Eric, and I moved to South Norfolk and converted our barn in 2005, we had plenty of space to invite guests here and always loved the idea of bringing people on to a farm to see a different way of life. It took us a few years to pluck up the courage to do anything about it. Then, in the early hours of one morning when Eric couldn’t sleep, he stuck a listing on Google Maps to see what happened. It didn’t take long before our first guests arrived!

We started with two b&b rooms in our barn, but since then we have been slowly inching our way across the farmyard, making good old barns that would otherwise have fallen down and turning them into flexible accommodation to meet all needs. Having at first thought we lived somewhere that no-one would want to come, we found that weddings, parties, families, friends and business were just as much a draw to a place as being in a well-known resort. 

The Farmhouse is our latest (and hopefully last) renovation project and we completed it during the Pandemic. The house dates back to the 17th century, though now comprises the front section (red brick, hence Red House Farm) which is Victorian, and the back is essentially new build.

We no longer have sheep since our lambing shed became Owl Barn some years ago, but we still have a small herd of mixed-breed cows. If you stay between April and October you will see them grazing in the surrounding fields, and will be able to spot our limousine bull Larry. Other characters you might meet are Mist, our elderly Westie - at nearly 15 still a fierce supporter of Scottish independence, and Digby, our sprightly young lurcher who only wants to play.   

In all our accommodation we have tried to create a space that is a joy to come back to after a day out.  We have tried to make it modern and smart, but comfortable too. We think there is a unique feeling at Red House Farm that allows guests to relax in an environment that is more like staying with friends than being in a hotel. We hope you agree!  

Lucy Popp

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