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Hot summer ahead

We Brits may love to talk about the weather, but we really don't do extremes. Too much snow and we fall apart, but give us a heatwave and we huff and puff, unable to get anything done. We've had a bit of both over the last six weeks, with our lambs born in April thinking they had landed in Siberia, only to be basking in hot sunshine a week or so later. Whatever happens, we are unfailingly optimistic and view it as the sign of a good summer to come. Here at Red House Farm, we have had lots of guests during the good weather, particularly over the Bank Holiday. They were here to visit family and friends, attend weddings, tour our ancient churches, or do an Instructors' Course at the Tibenham Gliding Club! But as we revert to our moderate climate, everyone is more comfortable. Jobs can be done, and we can all talk about the typical sunny-ish, grey-ish, windy-ish weather again, and speculate on whether we will, for once, get the perfect hot summer. I say we will.

There is lots going on in Norfolk and the surrounding areas as we head into summer, and we have availability in both our b&b and self-catering accommodation.

Red House Farm Bed & Breakfast
Tivetshall St Margaret
NR15 2DJ

Contact: Lucy Popp
Telephone: 01379 676 566
Mobile: 07719 437 007

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