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My husband is not the jealous type, but if I make too much fuss of my dogs you can just see the corner of his lip start to curl. But I say who wouldn't choose to cuddle our soft furry friends over a middle-aged, pot-bellied chap? My guests and I often pay homage to the canine breed, discussing ad infinitum their many and varied attributes. Mainly, though, it's the unadulterated, unconditional love that binds us to them. Dogs are always pleased to see us no matter what. Plus, they don't worry about how much money we've spent, or how long we've been chatting on the phone. In return, all dogs really want is plenty of attention, to have their supper on time and to go for a good walk every day - preferably the same one so they can check out what their friends have been up to since yesterday. My two were perturbed today when we went on our usual walk, but the wrong way round. They seemed quite confused and the sniffs weren't the same. For me, however, it gave me a whole new view of the same scenery that I see every day. I found this quite remarkable.

Maybe you've been to Norfolk before but would like a new perspective. We accept dogs in our self-catering property, from which you can explore the exciting things going on this summer.

  • The All About Dogs show is coming to the Norfolk showground on 26-27 August.

  • Pub Walks with Darcy is a website that gives you nearly 60 circular walks in Suffolk that start and end at a dog friendly pub.

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